Physiomed Vancouver is an integrated health clinic that provides a variety of services including Chiropractic Treatment, Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, and products such as Custom Orthotics, TENS Units, Compression Stockings, and Health Supplements. Read more about some of our offerings below or call us today on (604) 879 7214.

Custom Orthotics

–    Shoe inserts that are made from a digital image of each foot
–    Include specific added corrections individualized for each patient
–    Can be further customized to fit in specific shoes (dress shoes vs. sport shoes)
–    Purpose is to realign your feet to their “neutral” position

Benefits of Custom Orthotics:

–    Alleviate foot, leg, and back stress and fatigue by absorbing shock
–    Can improve posture (foot imbalances can cause structural distortions of the body)
–    Custom Orthotics restore balance: maximizing biomechanical function of feet, legs and torso
–    Improved performance during sports by

custom_orthoticso    compensating for imbalances caused by extra stress due to exercise
o    promote efficient “muscle memory”
o    reduce fatigue
o    increase endurance

–    Prevent foot problems and conditions

o    Prevents/treats plantar fasciitis by taking pressure off the ligament plantar fascia; custom orthotics supports the arch of the foot and cushions the foot through shock absorption

•    Patients with plantar fasciitis may require modified employment or absence from work until pain and inflammation subsides (2-3 weeks)
•    In severe cases of plantar fasciitis where plantar fasciotomy is performed, modified duties or absence from work may last up to 16 weeks
*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics found that plantar fasciitis accounts for an average of one million patient visits per year to medical doctors*

o    Reduces the strain caused by cavus (high arched) or planus (flat) feet by evenly distributing the weight across the surface of the foot

–    Reduce symptoms of existing and chronic foot problems

o    Corns and calluses
o    Arch pain and heel spur pain

Compression Stockings

Standing for long periods of time can cause blood to pool in the legs, and sitting for long periods of time can cause blood vessels to constrict in the legs. In both cases, varicose veins or spider veins may appear.

compression_stockingsWearing compression stockings regularly will increase blood circulation, which can:

–    Relieve tired and achy feet/legs
–    Reduce swelling and muscle fatigue in the lower body
–    Increase energy level

Compression stockings are beneficial during long trips, because they…

–    Reduce the risk of developing blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT = blood clot in a deep vein)
–    Reduce lower body fatigue, achiness and soreness

Compression stockings are also beneficial…

–    For athletes (sport compression socks) provide support for feet, ankles, calves and legs. Improved circulation in legs and muscles leads to…

  • Faster recovery
  • Better performance during long workouts
  • Reduced muscle fatigue

–    For pregnant women (maternity stockings)…

  • Ease swelling, leg cramps, general leg aching
  • Relieve tired legs and ‘heaviness’

T.E.N.S Unit

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator is a natural alternative to pain killing medication.

The TENS unit relieves pain by:

•    Increases the body’s production of endorphins, a naturally released painkiller.

•    Causes an electrical current that decreases pain signals in the body.

•    Can help reduce inflammation of muscle fibers and inhibit nerve pain resulting from pinched nerves, disc degeneration and sciatica.

•    An effective for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knees.


Body Braces

LordoLoc® (Back Brace)

Stabilizing support for relief of the lumbar spine.

Back_braceLordoLoc is suitable for use as a back support for the stabilization of the lumbar spine, for example in the event of chronic lumbar vertebral syndrome. The stabilizing orthosis with four 91/4″ integral anatomically contoured flexible lightweight aluminium stays has a muscle-activating effect, relieves the spine and is very low-profile. The degree of stabilization can be adjusted to provide optimal individual support to the lower back.
•    Easy to put on and take off
•    Material is very breathable and gentle on the skin
•    Low-profile and discrete

GenuTrain® (Knee Brace)

The new generation with visco-elastic Omega pad

GenuTrain® (Knee Brace)

The new generation with visco-elastic Omega pad

If your knee feels weak, is swollen or painful, the GenuTrain knee support can help you. It relieves pain, stabilizes the joint and helps to achieve faster mobilization. The GenuTrain is the original functional knee support and has undergone continuous further development since it was launched onto the market in 1981. The new generation with the Omega pad, a new functional cushion around the kneecap, is once again setting new standards. Further improvements have been made to the support, with the result that it is now better than ever at relieving pain and stabilizing the joint.

Knee_brace•    pain relief
•    secure hold for the knee joint
•    pressure relief for the kneecap and reduction in pain at the meniscus
•    anatomical fit and integrated donning aid


Shoulder Bracing For Pain Relief

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