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We use advanced chiropractic techniques and equipment, in conjunction with other treatments to help you get back to normal life, quickly. We direct bill all major insurance companies so that you can focus on getting better.

“The staff take their time to get to know you and design a treatment plan that is best suited for you. They truly have succeeded in their mission to eliminate my pain and rehabilitate my injuries. Thank you! “

Re-align your spine for immediate pain relief, improved overall body function, and as prevention against future injury.

The spine provides a channel of communication between the brain and rest of the body. Through daily activity the spine can misalign and cause pain by imposing on certain nerves. Common causes of improper spine alignment include: long periods of sitting, sports, poor diet, stress, and car accidents.

Key Benefits:

  • Relieves stress buildup
  • Relieves back, neck, arthritis, and joint pain
  • Helps to improve scoliosis
  • Asthma treatment
  • Control blood pressure
  • Helps to ensure healthy pregnancy
  • Improves organ function
  • Non-surgical alternative of pain relief
  • Facilitates natural healing process and allows the body to function at an optimal level with minimal spinal nerve interference

A chiropractic adjustment is essentially a swift yet gentle manipulation of your joints to align them correctly. By reforming your spinal position through carefully controlled pressure, we remove the pressure on your nervous system and improve overall body function. Regular chiropractic adjustments will keep you moving pain free and may even uncover hidden health problems.

Have a Question?
Have a Question?

Please feel free to give us a call at 604-879-7214 or an email to learn more about our services, availability, and insurance methods.

Why Choose Us?


We are conveniently located near the Commercial Drive sky train for easy access via public transportation. There is plenty of street side parking for those who drive.


We direct bill major extended health and motor vehicle  insurance companies and handle all insurance related paperwork.


Our team of caring practitioners are fully licensed and certified. They are dedicated to getting you out of pain quickly.


We use a variety of modalities and advanced equipment to make sure you recover quickly! Patients usually get good/great results and reduction in pain within 6-12 visits.


Our entire team works out of the same location so appointments with different team members can be scheduled conveniently at the same visit.


We offer a complimentary 15 minute chiropractic consultation for all new patients. If chiropractic isn’t the best modality of care we will refer you to one of our other wellness practitioners.

Insurance We Direct Bill


When should I see a chiropractor?

Anytime your life has been restricted by pain, it is time to come see us for an adjustment. If you have been injured in a car accident, an accident on the job site, or simply have been battling an injury for a while, an adjustment can get you on the road to recovery. Chiropractic care can also be used to increase or maintain range of motion.

Is Chiropractic adjustment safe?

Chiropractic care is recognized as one of the safest methods of treatment for pain. It is non-surgical and drug free. It does not require any recovery time.

Does Chiropractic care require a referral from an MD?

No, Chiropractors are primary health professionals. Patients may consult chiropractors directly

Will my insurance cover the treatment?

Generally our treatments are covered by most major health plans but coverage varies by plan and provider. We suggest contacting your service provider for a full description on your coverage.

Chiropractic for Adults

East Vancouver Physiomed Chiropractor understands when you’re suffering from back pain, every day is filled with torment. Simply standing up may be difficult, and conducting normal, day-to-day activities can be incredibly difficult. That’s where Dr. Suhill Samji comes in.

Dr. Samji is highly skilled in chiropractic care, traditional manual adjusting procedures, cold laser therapy and pain neutralization techniques. With nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Samji uses the same methods on his patients as those used on Lance Armstrong during his Tour de France training. Vancouver Physiomed offers chiropractic for adults, to help you break free of back pain, no matter what the cause, with the aid of the latest technology.

A Different Kind of Chiropractor

Dr. Samji will tailor a chiropractic care strategy to meet your needs. He’ll focus on rapid pain relief, postural correction and rehabilitation of tissue dysfunction. Additionally, Dr. Samji can help you strengthen your core and spine to help prevent future problems.

Inside Physiomed Chiropractor Vancouver

Chiropractic care takes place inside our state-of-the-art clinic, conveniently located at Broadway & Commercial Drive Skytrain station. We can use chiropractic for adults treatments for issues like:

  • back, neck, shoulder pain
  • arthritis & sciatica
  • headaches & migraines
  • hip, knee, foot, elbow & wrist aches
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • jaw discomfort & TMJ
  • scoliosis
  • muscular tightness & stiffness
  • fibromyalgia
  • stress
  • sports injuries
  • workplace & automobile accident injuries
  • stress
  • discomfort during pregnancy

Our approach is hands-on and drug-free; we believe that we can help you feel better without the assistance of pharmaceuticals, which can potentially harm your body. We use a multi-disciplinary, teamwork-based approach in order to get the best results possible.

When you come to our Vancouver chiropractic for adults clinic, you’ll receive a thorough examination and, if necessary, diagnostic imaging (like X-rays). We’ll outline a customized treatment plan that works for you and apply the most advanced methods that will help you the best.

Chiropractor Dr. Samji will also help you enhance your health and wellness by discussing preventive measures to avoid injuries; he’ll also talk to you about nutritional and lifestyle changes, and may prescribe therapeutic exercises.

Afraid of Manual Adjustment? We Use Cold Laser Therapy!

Cold laser therapy is useful in treating patients who cannot tolerate or are afraid of manual adjusting techniques. It can be performed on anyone, including the elderly, those suffering from arthritis, pregnant patients, and babies and children.

There are no side effects, and it’s been proven to reduce aches and inflammation. It can also increase energy production within your body’s cells and can make healing easier on your body.

Chiropractic Instruments We Use:

Learn Proper Stretching Techniques for Relieving Back Pain

Becoming Our Patient Has its Extra Rewards Too!

Call us at (604) 879 7214 to discover how Dr. Samji and our other specialists can help you on the path to whole-body wellness.

Most of the services we provide are covered by extended health benefits, so call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at (604) 879 7214 to make your appointment today.

Chiropractic for Kids

Safety First: Treating Your Baby with Precision and Care

Chiropractic for kids can improve colic and fussiness, help treat infants from the trauma of birth and boost immunity—and those are just a few of the benefits your child will enjoy after his or her first visit to PhysioMed.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved an adjusting instrument for use on infants and small children to help identify and correct parts of the spine that are too rigid; since it’s completely adjustable based on your little one’s needs, we’re able to pinpoint critical areas that need attention before they cause other problems. Since developing kids are more delicate than adults, we use the utmost care in adjusting their tiny joints.

Can Babies’ and Kids’ Spines be Misaligned?

In many cases, particularly when they are delivered quickly, infants can suffer from misalignments along their spines. These out-of-place points put pressure on nerves that can cause symptoms to spring up elsewhere, such as headaches, neck kinks and other unpleasant aches. If a baby is often fussy or seems to have colic, or a small child complains of discomfort, a misaligned spine might be the culprit. Left untreated, the symptoms can become worse with time until pain becomes a way of life for your child.

Ear Infections, Colds, and Stomach Pains

Many children with a misalignment between the C1 and C2 vertebrae suffer from chronic asthma, ear infections, and allergies, and the proper chiropractic for kids can help ward off new problems. It can also help reverse other conditions; when the entire body works together in harmony, it’s easier to get healthy and stay that way.

As soon as babies are born, they are subjected to all kinds of dangerous substances. Since pressure on vital nerves can cause a baby’s body to react poorly to germs and other pathogens, making sure his or her spine is properly aligned can give your child’s immune system a much-needed boost.

Partnering with Your Baby’s Pediatrician

Naturally, you want the best for your baby; so do we. By including your child’s pediatrician in his or her care and letting us know what symptoms your child is exhibiting, we’ll be able to help treat your baby best.

The Science of Treating Children: Chiropractic for Kids

Numerous studies have been conducted which point to the effectiveness of chiropractic for kids. Regular chiropractic adjustments can result in up to a 200 percent stronger immune system, resulting in fewer colds, flus, ear infections and other illnesses. It can minimize growing pains, ease constipation and treat bed-wetting, too, so including chiropractic care in your family’s wellness plan is a step in the right direction.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how Physiomed can help your child or book an appointment with our chiropractor Dr. Suhill Samji today.

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