Our Team

Bhakti Salian, PT

I believe that “Bodies are meant to move”. My passion for fitness has aspired me towards my profession, wherein I obtain the pleasure to get my clients functionally active and share my enthusiasm towards healthy living.
Every injury and dysfunction is unique therefore every individual responds differently to the treatments.

I feel content towards providing the tailored and holistic approach which combines the functional goals and clinical expertise to develop an individual rehab plan.

I seize every opportunity to educate my clients about their condition and how they can manage their symptoms. I strongly feel that Physiotherapy is both a Reactive and Pro-active practice.

The Treatment sessions heavily focus on exercises, patient education, manual therapy and take away “Homework” so that the patient plays an active role in their recovery and rehab.

I keep my practice updated and so constantly indulge in the ongoing programs and courses regulated by College of Physiotherapy standards. I have accomplished certifications in the Cervical Articular Dysfunction (APTEI), Certification as K-Taping Pro-Therapist and currently pursuing my continued learning educational program in Functional Dry Needling and soon will be incorporating in treatment procedures.”

Expertise: In treating the Musculoskeletal Injuries (Ligaments, Muscular Strains, Arthritis, Rotator Cuff, Frozen shoulder), Whiplash Associated Disorders and experienced in Chronic Neck and Back pain cases.