Sports Injury Treatment in Vancouver – For a Quick, Healthy Recovery

Sports injuries can be frustrating, painful and sometimes even debilitating whether you play a sport for fun or at Olympic-level. At Physiomed Commercial & Broadway, Dr. Suhill Samji and the team have many years of post-graduate experience with sports injury treatment in Vancouver, as well as providing on-going care and therapy for sportsmen and women at every level.

Whilst sport and regular exercise are key aspects of a healthy lifestyle, repeated stresses from activities such as training, competing and even gym workouts can cause a slight decrease and deterioration in the proper function of your muscles and joints. If left unchecked, even minor injuries can become exacerbated and eventually prevent you from participating in sport and exercise for months, or even years.

Common injuries include Achilles tendon problems, tennis elbow, pain and swelling to the underside of the foot (plantar fasciitis), neck and lower back pain and leg sprains. Other sports-related problems include shin splints, intercostal muscle strains, groin and thigh injuries and joint pain. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, Dr. Samji will provide you with a professional, qualified analysis and have you on the road to recovery. At Physiomed, we offer sports injury treatment such as chiropractic treatments and therapies to prolong and restore joint motion and flexibility, which in turn will allow the maintenance and development of muscle strength to keep you playing for longer. We recommend sports enthusiasts pop in regularly, if only for a check-up, to ensure muscles and joints are performing at their peak whilst preventing old injuries from relapsing.

Through a combination of sports messages and chiropractic treatment, we deal with all kinds of sports injuries ensuring quick, safe recovery. This includes specific sports therapy for athletes and amateurs before, during and after competition, in which we assist and offer advice for warm-ups and cool-downs, stretching and preparation techniques, as well as how to maintain optimum health and flexibility in both the on and off-season. If you’re suffering from a sports-related injury, have any recurring pain, or would simply like a check-up to ensure you’re performing at your peak, book an appointment today by giving us a call on (604) 757-2718, or emailing us at