Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy, is a non-drug treatment used to decrease swelling, pain and other musculoskeletal injuries. Without producing heat, the laser causes light and chemical reactions in cells where it is targeted. This, in turn, stimulates the metabolism of certain types of cells in the body and reduces inflammation by reducing other compounds that promote swelling.

Recent studies have indicated that laser therapy can have a multitude of clinical applications including:

    • Treatment of jaw/TMJ pain
    • LLLT in addition to exercise is effective in relieving pain and in improving grip strength in patients with lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Swelling
    • Knee arthritis
    • Reducing inflammation and pain in achilles tendonitis
    • Relief of pain and morning stiffness for rheumatoid arthritis patients
    • LLLT has been shown to be an effective method in reducing pain and functional disability in patients with chronic low back pain
    • A recent study suggests that laser may also be an effective treatment in cases with fibromyalgia