Numbness & Tingling Vancouver, BC

Numbness & Tingling

Numbness and tingling can be a very unpleasant and discouraging problem that can affect your limbs, your feet, fingertips, and back. It can even make your arms and legs feel weak, causing you to lose motivation to do the things you most love doing.

The first thing most people do in this situation is go to a doctor and get tests done to ensure everything is healthy. But what if the tests come back ok, and indicate that you shouldn’t be feeling these symptoms? You can begin to feel lost.

The Answers You’ve Been Searching For

The condition you are experiencing (numbness and tingling) is called peripheral neuropathy – the damage to the nerves that supply your arms and legs. This damage creates an inability for those particular nerves to send signals/messages to the areas of your body like your skin, muscles, joints and various other organs.

Neuropathy is essentially caused by a spine that is degenerating and pressing on the roots of the nerves. If not looked after and treated, it can lead to a whole host of health issues.

How Can Our Natural, Gentle Techniques Help?

We treat numbness and tingling naturally with techniques that are gentle, and based in chiropractic care as opposed to medication. Pills work for the short term, mild symptoms, but using them long term for neurological conditions affecting the spine and nervous system will not do any good. By choosing to go the route of chiropractic treatment, you are avoiding harsh chemicals, and the potential serious side effects of commonly prescribed medication such as pain pills, anti-seizure pills and antidepressants.

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