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  • I came to see Dr. Samji for some pain in my mid back, and after the 4th treatment – I noticed the tension in my neck and the pain in my mid back had decreased by at least 90%! By the 5th treatment, I noticed that my menopausal symptoms had also decreased by about 80% – this being hot flashes and a decrease in sweat. I also have more energy to do the things I love, like gardening and have renewed interest in doing things around the house as well. Also, my sleep has improved, and I feel more rested in the morning! I’m enjoying my sleep so much more now, I highly recommend everyone coming to see Dr. Samji!!

    Janice M.
  • I’m almost 7 months pregnant and I’ve been experiencing bad pelvic pain and rib pain. I felt relief right after my first appointment with Dr. Samji and I’m finally enjoying my pregnancy! I will certainly recommend this office to all my friends. Love getting my spine adjusted!

    Nikola W.
  • Excellent treatment! Highly recommended to everyone. Dr. Samji and his staff are doing an excellent job. I was explained everything in detail. Dr. Samji is very knowledgeable and the staff is very helpful. He explained in detail about the subluxation of my spine and the problems associated with it. I have a problem with my lower back and right side of the back. Just by getting the first treatment I already feel so relieved and better. I am continuing my treatment with Dr. Samji and I highly recommend to you.

    Sheela K.
  • The entire staff took the time to create a plan of treatment that helped me get better. Dr. Samji was fantastic, he also took the time to explain everything to me regarding my back and neck issues. I would highly recommend this clinic to treat your medical conditions.

    Mark F.
  • I’m really happy to meet Dr. Samji and all the staff, they are all nice and friendly. Thank you Dr. Samji you are excellent to me, my pain in my back shoulder is gone, cysts in my neck is gone too, I’m not limping anymore. Excellent treatment…highly recommended to all people suffering back pain and muscle pain. Good job!

    Mary F.
  • Gill is my number one resource to help me stay active! He helped me with my foot tendinitis, my upper back stiffness, and is now helping my partner with his shoulder! Great service! Extremely competent! Highly recommend it!

    Gabrielle T.
  • After a few visits/treatments, I was extremely surprised that my hip pain has subsided. I’m also sleeping better and have more mobility. I highly recommend Physiomed to whoever would like to get rid of their aches and pain on their body. Thank you Physiomed.

    Dindo C.
  • I’m satisfied and comfortable coming to Physiomed every time because I feel they’re treating my chronic pain. Chiropractic really helps to correct my hip pain and correcting my spine, it really shows and works on me for my mobility. I feel better every time I visit. This is the first time I tried the wobble exercise…I want to have 1 at home. I will highly recommend PHYSIOMED to my family and friends definitely.

    Geraldine Sy