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Massage Therapy

For massage therapy Vancouver, Physiomed offers a range of superb affordable, professional services in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Massage therapy is an excellent treatment for all manner of muscular skeletal pain and stresses, and best of all it can often be very enjoyable and relaxing!

Repetitive strain injuries, as well as neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulder pain, can be a part of everyday working life. If left untreated, minor injuries and strains often worsen and deteriorate, leading to major problems. These issues can minimize flexibility and good posture, and damage your confidence and general well-being. This needn’t be the case, as these problems are all easily treated at our chiropractic offices in Vancouver.

Our massage therapy is carried out by highly trained, experienced staff in a very comfortable environment. The more relaxed you are, the quicker you’ll improve, so our chief in-house physiotherapist, Gil Yehezkel, works to have you feeling fully at ease for the duration of your visit.

At Physiomed, we take an almost holistic view, because minor problems in one part of the body regularly have far-reaching effects elsewhere. With the use of massage therapy to reduce muscular tightness and aches and pains, we can alleviate all sorts of symptoms such as headaches, migraines and dizziness.

If you’re dealing with mental and emotional stresses, this can affect you physically. Depression, anxiety and tension headaches can be massively lessened with the help of regular massage, offering a little ‘you time’.

Therapeutic massage is also one of the best means of rehabilitating the body after sports injuries. For anyone from amateurs to pros, on-going sports therapy is key to help catch problems before they worsen, and to ensure good posture and form. We recommend regular check-ups and massage therapy for anyone undertaking regular sports, exercise or training to ensure you are performing at your very peak.

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